25 February 2011

Untangling the web

Extracting myself from the lab is hard. So much stuff to do before leaving.

I was hoping to be done by the end of the day today, but now, at 3:30, it's not looking like I'll manage that. I've found all my raw electronic data from the various other labs and core facilities and copied it onto a harddrive. I've backed-up all my data from inside the lab. Cleaned out my bench, my desk, the -20 & -70 freezers, cold room, refrigerators, tissue culture room, etc. I've given away all the little goodies I've collected over the years, passed out primers, solutions, media, etc. I've put away all my specialized glassware, & even created several new storage drawers for stuff I used and no one else will use. Passed on passwords and given lessons in HPLC maintenance/operation. Written up (most) of the new protocols I brought to lab....

But I still need to label a few thigns that will go into storage. And write up materials and methods sections for 2 papers and hand off all the data, samples, and papers for my 2 main projects. Write a review paper (oy..)

But I'm close, so close. The  faster I finish, the more time I'll have before starting my new job to relax a bit. And I need that...

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